Flash Of Inspriation I
Flash Of Inspiration I
PIC 16F628 Evaluation Board for beginners
many, many example programs
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Flash Of Inspriation I in an universal development kit for beginners. It uses PIC 16F628 which is a very interresting microcontroller. The most important applications in electronics may be discovered very easily. The board contains following function groups:

Many example programms are included. This is a ideal knowledge base. By modifing and expanding these programs, learning becomes so easy for beginners.

"Flash Of Inspiration 1" will be delivered only as a kit. It contains the pcb, inductor and schottky diode for the switching power supply, RJ45 jacket, buzzer and 2 miniature relais.

Now we are offering kits with all required parts and a assembled board for ready-to-use.

download assemble instruction (sorry, still german, but many pictures) (release June 25, 2004)

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