USB PIC Programmer designed for In-Circuit-Programming

Production terminate!
Replaced by Microchip's PicKit2
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(für Windows XP)

picture of iL_ISP_U

This tiny programmer iL_ISP_U is designed especially for the In-Circuit-Programming. Therefore it has no ZIF socket. An RJ45 cable connects iL_ISP_U to your hardware. The manual shows you different schematics which are necessary for in-circuit programming. A small optional adapter with a 40 pin ZIF soket is under construction.

iL_ISP_U supports also the new PIC10200 to PIC10F206.

iL_ISP_U is designed for communication over USB. Therefore no additional power supply is needed.

iL_ISP_U will be delivered with driver disk, USB cable and RJ45 cable.

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