Programmer iL_PRG16PRO

Production terminate!
Replaced by Microchip's PicKit2
Our PIC prototype programmer handles nearly very device of Microchips PIC10F20x, PIC12 and PIC16 families. Even the PIC16C5x which must be programmed in parallel manner.
iL_PRG16 has a comfortable programmer mask and runs under Windows (W9x, W2k, XP, NT).

The new devices PIC10F200 to PIC10F206 need an adaptor socket.
iL_PRG16PRO is controlled by the rs232 interface. For link via the usb you can use a usb-rs232 converter. Alternativly you may use the In-Circuit-Programmer iL_ISP_U .

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iL_PRG16PRO costs 162,40 Euro

iL_PRG16PRO is sold only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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