PIC simulator iL_SIM16

(for DOS 3.1 and later, Pentium 8MB)

All internal and external functions of the PIC12Cxx and 16Cxx are simulated on your personal computer. The following devices are supported: PIC12C50x, PIC12C67x, PIC16Cxx and PIC16Fxx. All important informations are visible on screen. These are the internal file register and the information at the i/o pins. While running the simulation you see the register and pin changing after each command cycle. To stimulate the pins, just click it. But for complex shapes you may 'turn on' a virtual signal generator. One for digital signals with the frequency and duty cycle definable. For testing serial communication you 'connect' a serial bit generator. You can change the baud rate, format and the text to send. But the best is the analogue signal generator with up to 8 channels (depends on the device your are using). Not only the frequency is selectable but also the signals shape. In combination with the BASIC compiler il_BAS16 you can simulate the BASIC source and you are able switching to machine language and back. The simulator can handle interrupts (not 12C5xx and 16C5x). The predefined value of the crystal is used by the simulator to calculate the exact running time of a subroutine or the program at all.

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